3 Steps to Getting Your Needs Met


Many people accept a false premise that getting your needs met is a difficult, sometimes futile pursuit. We tend to unconsciously collect our past failed attempts and weave them into a blanket of false protection. Predictably, we wrap ourselves up in these past failings and ‘wear’ their depleting energy as a part of our earthly costume. As long as we do this, we remain right in the belief that the world is unfair and there is only so much good to go around. By staying loyal to what did not happen for us in the past, we repel anything new and expansive that awaits our recognition and receptivity.

The irony here is that getting our needs met is actually quite simple.

To begin with, what is a need?

I define a need as a desire – an inner prompting for something that is wanted or required for sustainability. In order to fulfill these desires whether physical, emotional or spiritual, we are already equipped with a template for solution.

For any need to be met all we have to do is look at that word – met.

The word met provides the perfect acronym for welcoming this experience of fulfillment.

First, the letter m –

Meditate – There is no greater beneficial practice than the deliberate act of stilling the mind. One does not have to be an advanced yogi or be adept at physical posturing to begin a relationship with stillness.  Beginning with just a few minutes a day, one can practice focusing on the breath, repeating a mantra, chanting – anything to stop the routine of mindlessness and practice calming the inner chatter. This ancient practice opens the door to a wealth of benefits.  With commitment to meditation, you can become reacquainted with your intuition. You can finally begin to hear the internal wisdom that longs to guide and direct you in decision-making. You release stress, elevating your physical well-being, and ushering in more clarity, presence and vitality.

Second, the letter e –

Exercise – Start moving.  Take walks, sign-up for a dance class, enroll in tai-chi or yoga practice.  Do something to facilitate your body to move. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, stand up during commercial viewing or incorporate laps around your workplace to offset long hours at an office desk.

Sedentary lives foster disease. Our bodies were not meant to be sedentary. Biomedical research reveals a host of complications that are easily remedied by incorporating more movement.  Journalist Beth Howard reported that “a new study of almost 5,000 people, ages 20 to 79, from the University of Alberta in Canada, taking more than 10 activity breaks a day was associated with a lower waist circumference, lower triglyceride levels, blood pressure, glucose, insulin and systolic blood pressure, and higher “good” HDL cholesterol.”

Moving elevates moods. It can facilitate a return to conscious intention. It also prompts deeper breathing. Not only do we oxygenate our bodies but we ‘oxygenate’ our minds. The surrounding scenery stimulates us in remembering that there is far more going on in the world rather than just the minimal, myopic existence of our house or office.

And the third letter t –

Tithe – become a giver.  Anne Frank poignantly wrote, “No one has ever become poor by giving.”

Whether it is the tithing of your time, your talent or your treasure, learn the power of giving and how this simple practice opens up anyone to a more receptive experience to the plentitude that exists around us.  Think about it.  If you withhold because you are afraid, whether it is the withholding of affection, your time, or your money – the energy of withhold can never be penetrated by anything that will relieve you of your fear.  Withhold feeds the fear, giving starves it.

If you are wanting a need met, then you must begin to give and share from a joyous willingness to simply offer love – love in the form of offering your time, love in the form of offering your talent and love in the form of offering your treasure.

These 3 basic practices; meditating, exercising and tithing, offer increased satisfaction, and heightened fulfillment towards experiencing our needs being beautifully met.

*For guidance in the art and practice of meditating check out The Power of Meditation –


*For guidance in the art and practice of giving check out The Power of Giving –  https://www.amazon.com/The-Power-Giving-Back-Enriches/dp/1585427519

David AultDavid Ault is an internationally known author and celebrated metaphysical teacher and speaker. He is an ordained minister through Centers for Spiritual Living and currently serves as the Senior Minister of Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia. His weekly messages are heard and viewed by thousands across the world. Since his spiritual reawakening in the mid 1980s, Ault has traveled the globe offering his gifts as a singer/songwriter, speaker, and facilitator. 

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