It’s Time to Let Go and Let God

Let Go & Let God
What if you could completely let go of negative emotions and limiting beliefs to make the changes that you want to make in your life right now?
When have all had past experiences, some of which have been positive, and some of which have been not-so-positive. The important thing is not whether the experience was positive or negative, but what you learned in the process. What if you could act and react to life based upon what you learned from your experiences rather than the negative emotions you felt around them? What if you could preserve the positive beneficial learnings from your experiences and let go of any negative feelings – leaving you free to direct your life force energy into the beautiful things you wish to create in the world?  What if you can?
For centuries, Shamans have used the method of going within the depths of our own being to seek clarity, guidance insight and inspiration – to see the circumstances of life and its experiences in a New Light. Coming in direct contact with the Divine Presence Within, you experience your own natural restorative and healing abilities that have the power to transform your life.
I invite you to enjoy this free guided meditation as my gift to you and experience the Abiding Peace of the Divine Within. May this deeply restorative Journey assist you to let go of negative emotions and limiting beliefs so that you can live the life you want to live – right now! Click here and experience more of your own Inner Light.
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Munishwarji - Lorikay - Square B&W CroppedMunishwarji is a Teacher of Holy Mysteries. His Mission is to empower spiritual teachers and healers with profound inner resources to expand and enhance their ability to bring Evolution to the world. Holding over 30 certifications in some of the world’s most powerful transformational methodologies, Munishwarji’s universal spiritual approach draws upon the world’s Ancient Wisdom Traditions, while embodying the spiritual practicality of our Modern Era. Recognized as a Grandmaster by the Taoist Yogi-Christ Lineage of North America, Munishwarji offers his teachings in the context of group awareness trainings, home study courses and publications. He is the author of The Secret Garden: Creative Visualizations in the Sanctuary of the Heart and of one-of-a-kind Home Study Courses that provide the world with access to advanced spiritual teachings previously only available in the world’s great Esoteric Schools.

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