Unleash Your Spiritual Animal Workshop – May 29, 2016

Unleash Your Spiritual Animal Workshop
with Rev David Goldberg
May 29, 2016

In this workshop, mystic and animal communicator Rick Finbow will explain the difference between animal guides and animal totems. He will then help all participants identifying their totem animals. Rick is a professional ventriloquist with Las Vegas credentials as well, so look for a guest appearance by Elvis, King of the jungle!
Rev. David Goldberg will then explore several forms of meditation, including music, chanting and a guided meditation calling in the newly found animal totems. This is based on the theory that as adult learners, the quicker we can move a concept from theory to application, the easier it becomes for us to remember and implement it in our daily practice.

The workshop is lots of fun and includes gentle humor and music. It has been well received in spiritual centers and secular events around the country.

For more information on David and Rick and the workshop, visit www.theministerandthemystic.com.

Tickets to Workshop only $45. Get your tickets today!

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