Vision and Awakening the Global Heart

It is famously taught that without visionpeople perish.
We speak often about the need to cultivate a personal and collective vision that aims at the betterment of all – of creating and revealing a world that works for everyone.  This July, we build on June’s theme of being in conversation with one another, of sharing these visions and becoming available to champion one another’s innate quest for fuller expression. That moves us to the theme of Awakening The Global Heart.
What is needing to be awakened in our world is the sleeping giant known as unity. The understanding of that unity as one being, one life, one experience, has been suffocating under layers of forgetfulness for far too long. The time of that Global Awakening is now. Let us say yes.
We invite you to watch this enlightening 18-minute video, featuring the women of the SLCA Spiritual Council: Reverend Annette Mize, Reverend Cynthia James and Mona Shah Joshi, and facilitated by Reverend Dr. David Ault.
Simply click the image below: