I am here to Grow
"Within me is a Divine Intelligence, wisdom and power and it flows through me now."

The universe intends for you to grow. You are hard-wired for growth. Nothing in the universe stays the same, so why should you?

SLCA intends to support your growth with powerful and enriching spiritual education programing in the form of classes, workshops, retreats and seminars – both online and in person.

New Thought Education
Unleash Your Mind

Our online education platform is home to all our on-demand courses and workshops as well curriculum and registration for our in-person courses.  

We also offer many courses in hybrid format with zoom and in-person options.  

Certified curriculum is provided by our parent organization Centers for Spiritual Living


Visit New Thought Education

Check out some of the ways to Grow

here at Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta

Our Education Ministry is dedicated to providing opportunities to enhance your spiritual growth and development through a wide variety of workshops, experiences.  These opportunities are provided in a variety of ways, via online and on-demand, zoom and in-person settings.

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Questions about Education?

Contact our Director of Education Ministry Rev. Jean Bell

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