The Audacity

Life invites us to live with gusto and verve. The only thing holding us back is ourselves and possible perceptions of obstacles. If Harriet Tubman could make a way out of her extreme circumstances and experiences, we all can. Our attitude, outlook, willingness, perseverance, persistence, and resilience are critical. There is a sacred knowing deep within us that always supports and guides us. Combined with courage, tenacity, and keen inner listening, this innate knowing will deliver us from and through anything. As we work in partnership with Spirit, all things are truly possible, especially the seemingly impossible.


Principle: Connection

Law: Correspondence

Practice: Meditation



Today I embrace sacred boldness.  Courageously I step outside my comfort zone, knowing that the creative power of the universe propels me into right action.   I proclaim my right to love, peace and prosperity, and proclaim my capacity to achieve it.  Boldness is my ally as I step forward today.