Spiritual mind treatment is a scientific form of affirmative prayer that under- lies the teachings of Science of Mind.
It shifts your mind so that your life manifests that which you desire.

If you’re faced with a situation you would like to change, you can use spiritual mind treatment to define and claim what you want. We call that your “Good.” Before engaging in the steps outlined here, you might want to be still and clearly imagine what it is you want. Come right out and say it. This helps you clarify and focus your thinking. For example, say, “This is a treatment for the success of my new project,” or “This is a treatment for perfect health for myself.” The simplest method of treatment is divided into five steps: recognition, unification, realization, thanksgiving and release.

RECOGNITION First, recognize the infinite Spirit of God. For example, remember that God is the infinite Spirit that is in and through all things, that God is all powerful and wise, that God is the perfect source of everything — perfect health, prosperity, happiness, harmony, intelligence, energy. Remember that God is a loving presence and ever available. When you begin to feel good, you have recognized God. This step is as much about feeling God’s presence as it is about intellectually listing qualities.

UNIFICATION The next step is to unify with the presence of God. You have already listed and felt the characteristics of God. Now remind yourself that you are a part of God and that you, too, have all the qualities of the Infinite Spirit. Your real spiritual self is perfect in every way, even if you face a situation that requires change.

REALIZATION Now imagine how you will feel when you receive what you want. Feel how wonderful it is to realize your dreams. Feel the experiences as though they are happening to you right now. Build mental pictures and intensify the thrill and confidence of knowing that you have mastery over all your problems. The goal of this step is to build the strongest possible feeling of already having what you want. The stronger the feeling, the stronger the treatment.

THANKSGIVING If a friend invites you along for a weekend trip, you are thankful, in advance, to know you’re going, even if the trip isn’t happening immediately. It’s the same in treatment. Know that the omnipotent Spirit is already creating whatever you have treated for — and feel happy, excited and grateful.

RELEASE You have recognized God and unified with God. You have realized your desire as if it were happening now. You’ve given thanks. Now let it go. Release it to the infinite power and intelligence of God’s law. Release the treatment, secure in the knowledge that your desire is already assured. Be confident, and go about your day.

Use these five steps to make your life — and the lives of others — happier, more fulfilled and manifestly aligned with the universe.