Consciousness is Everything
There is only one power in the Universe

We believe that God by whatever name you call it is all there is. One Divine Intelligence operates through a law of mind called Consciousness. We gain insight into our Consciousness by examining our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, perceptions, intuition, and intentions. The Laws of Consciousness is how the entire universe operates. If we understand these laws, our life experience is enhanced.

Everyone is on the Path
All individual beings are within the One Being

We understand that our own life is an infinite journey of expanding and deepening. There are many diverse ways to reflect this journey (12 stages of the cross in Christianity, or the 8-fold path of Buddhism, The 5 pillars of Islam, the Law of Torah). At SLCA we have a unique articulation of that journey as we seek to support every member along their path. We believe that whoever you are, and wherever you are on your spiritual journey - you are welcome here.

Our commitment to Inclusion
Evolution is our Nature
All thought is creative

The infinite intelligence of the universe is always expanding, and we are no exception. It is literally in our design to grow, learn, expand, and become more of the fullness that we already are in Spirit.

Spiritual Practice is the Language of our Growth
Affirmations - Meditation - Affirmative Prayer - Visioning - Forgiveness

Because evolution is our nature, and we know that we are on a journey, we seek to engage our consciousness and our whole being (Spirit, Mind and Body) in the language of spiritual practices. This enables us to practice growing our consciousness, engaging our full potential, and understanding our wholeness at a deeper level. The five primary tools of practice are: Affirmations, Affirmative Prayer, Meditation, Forgiveness and Visioning.

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